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Oh hey! So glad you are here, really.

With 5 years in the wedding industry, Kelsy's only strive is to make sure that all of her couples are at ease and at the time of completion that her clients are satisfied.

In 2020, Miami Writes co. took the next level and opened up their showroom in the heart of Coral Gables. "We wanted to open up our own office only because we felt we we're missing a connection towards our clients and felt that we needed to take things to the next level"

Our Goal as a brand is to not create pretty things, but to bring our items to life. To hit a meaningful and unforgettable moment that our clients will sure to remember on be able to look back and say "wow, I'm so glad I hired or moved forward with Miami Writes co." 

The story behind Miami Writes co. started in 2018. Kelsy created a scavenger hunt for boyfriend now husband on Valentine's day in 2017, and he came across the notes which I had written them in a cursive-like style and he asked me where I had bought them. I had written them myself and he was astonished, that’s when he told me that I definitely had to do something with this writing. 

What began as a hobby and thought nothing of it has created into the start of Kelsy's entrepreneurial life. When discovering Wedding Mirrors and Seating Charts, "I was drawn to it quickly but mastering a naturally curved style of writing to fit each mirrors dimensions symmetrically, was my biggest challenge and my biggest fear, because it’s molded me into a quicker and more efficient artist while preserving the quality of work."

We strive to create personal memories with a unique touch. We are just as passionate as you about your memorable day! 

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Bianca P. | 3.19.2022

Kelsy was absolutely AMAZING! She helped bring my vision to life of something that she had never done before & killed it.

Born and raised in Miami - specifically in Kendall. (woot woot) She is your typical Libra and cannot make a decision to save her life. Her guilty pleasures are the following: croquetas, real housewives of miami & astrology.

On Kels' off days of she loves to spend time with her family and friends. Hanging out with her boys (aka the pups) or going out!

Favorite drink: Rum sours or spicy marg

founder & Co-owner

Kelsy Valencia-Fiandor

aka. Fuegzzz (seriously no one calls him by his first name) Extremely proud to say he is from Hialeah. Is a lover for Baseball, reggaeton and Puerto Rico. Aside from running MWC with his wife.
Chris works in the nightlife industry in Miami.  #IYKYK 

On Chris' off days you can find him hiding away home with the pups or seeing what's the it thing to do in miami.

Favorite drink: A classic marg.

co-owner & operation manager

Chris Fiandor

the team.

Mase & Diddy


The boys as came into our lives to bark things up in 2021.  They're the ones who truly make the rules. And if you don't catch them in the office shaking things up their 99.9% taking their puppy naps at home.

Favorite drink: puppacinos